The coolant that the other two collected is not needed now, the shuttle can easily support one person.


Ripley begins the self destruct sequence.


A panel in the floor opens.


Not sure how to carry out the task, she reads the instructions.


And taps a few keys....


She has trouble holding back tears as she completes the final arming procedure.


The 10 minute countdown begins.  Mother says "Danger, the emergency destruct system is now activated.  The ship will detonate in T minus ten minutes."


"The option to over-ride automatic detonation expires in T minus five minutes"


Ripley heads for the shuttle.


Carefully checking every corner.


Until she nears the shuttle.


The alien is in the gangway leading to the shuttle airlock!


Almost frozen with fear, Ripley back away slowly.


She sees the alien coming around the corner.  She heads back to stop the auto destruct.


The alien examines the cat that Ripley left behind.


The auto destruct over-ride time is running out rapidly.  Ripley runs as fast as she can to get back to the control room.


She's worried that she is too late to stop it.


20 seconds left and has to read up on how to deactivate it.


She taps a few more keys.... 17 seconds.


At 14 seconds she desperately tries to speed the process up.


11 seconds to go, it doesn't look like she's going to make it.


At five seconds she abandons the procedure and throws the main switches to the cooling unit back on.


She's too late.  nothing can stop the ship from auto destruct now.  Ripley cries to the computer "MOTHER!!! I've turned the cooling unit back on".  Mother replies by saying "the ship will destruct in five minutes."


She screams expletives to Mother and smashes a terminal with the flamethrower.


Now there's no choice.  Her only chance of survival is to get on the shuttle and launch it.


She shouts "You bitch, god damn it!" to Mother as she runs.


As she gets near the shuttle, she moves very carefully, checking every direction.


No sign of the alien.


It seems to have left, and it didn't harm Jones.


She gets past the point where the alien was a few minutes ago.  She's reached the shuttle safely.